vendredi 8 août 2008

Bread, circuses and war

The price of wheat, oil and other essential produce has declined over the last few days. One must not expect the crisis to be as predicatable at all. It has taken many long and intense negotiations between warring factions of the ruling elte to inject some relative stability into the world's careering economic system. It could be that the Olympic Games, that seem to have been with us long before they started, might provide the ferbrile poplaces temporary distraction, but the 'war' in the Caucauses is a major problem. It is one of those developments that is seemingly unconnected to the wider deteriorisation of international system, but just the kind of shock that generates dangerous and unpredictable events.

With a war in the near middle east, unresolved tensions between Iran and the US and a deep economic crisis - it's about time the latter day Lenins and Trotskies got their shyte together.