dimanche 12 juillet 2009

They walked in line

The current upsurge in imperialist terrorism in Afghanistan has caused the deaths of 15 British soldiers in just under two weeks. Whilst evidence is sketchy, it has to be assumed that the loss of innocent Afghan civilian lives is far higher and that details about the criminal actions of the illegal occupying forces is being deliberately withheld from the wider world, in order to wring as much diversionary potential from these deaths. The work of the nominally liberal press has been stirling as usual with the Observer uncritically vomiting up MoD statements and government propaganda. What is pitiable though is the 'left wing' Labour MP calling for monies to be diverted from Trident to the repression of the Afghan population.
It is reasonable to assume, also, that the increase in occupation offensives is tied to the economic crisis facing the British and American regimes. From a day to day policy objective, the deaths play a (small?) role in emotionally blackmailing and corralling the home populations into quietude about their own social and economic greivances. It cannot be too long before striking public sector workers are maligned for downing tools whilst 'our brave boys and girls are risking their lives for our freedom.' It does, clearly, sound ridiculous, but some mouthpiece for the MoD in the above report stated that costs should not matter since 'we' didn't count the cost when we were fighting Hitler. From wider economic objectives, the war is a way of encircling Iran and ensuring China is hemmed in and prevented from intervening in the resource land of the Middle East in the medium to long term future.
We are warned, chillingly, by the current war criminals Brown and Obama, that there is a long difficult Summer ahead. They are saying, of course, that further losses are expected and as far as they are concerned dearly hoped for.