mardi 4 août 2009

UK values

The Home Office is pondering the idea that immigrants (not 'ex-pats' as retiree Brits living abroad call themsleves) who protest against the war or at homecoming parades of soldiers should face visa and passport penalties. The specific UK value here, presumably, being the unqualified and open ended support for 'Our Boys' in far away butchery of foreign nationals.
One does not even have to resort to the 'slippery slope thin end of the wedge' type argument here - this is straight forward police state tactics. In the name of spreading democracy abroad 'we' must supress it at home.
In the context of the BNP getting a broader press, this idea (one that for the Tories does not go far enough...) will give the nazis confidence that their ideas are becoming mainstream, thus a further pox on this dying government for dredging this putrid idea into the daylight.