jeudi 9 juillet 2009

Genocidal maniac

British politics continues to go rotten. A small mordant sign of this drifts over our sickened gaze this morning in the wretched Guardian. That microbe Griffin of the Boneheaded Freak Party has called for boats carrying immigrants from Africa TO BE SUNK. Read that again and let the implications sink in. He's calling for the cold blooded murder of desperate people who are so poor they see no other option than to risk their savings and their lives to escape terrible economic and social conditions that ultimately, the west is responsible for.
But one expects that from this speck of human waste, this fleck of ratshit this slimed coward. What is depressing is that the weasely guardian describes his 'proposals' (proposals! - the correct term would be incitements or 'death threats') as "controversial". Controversail, once was attached to ideas like 'tax rises for the rich' or 'supporting secondary picketing' or 'abolishing the monarchy' or to pop stars who shot their mouths off.
Calling for the murder of people is not controversial - its criminally insane. It's clear, though, that the prediction about the BNP once in power making a total shit-fuck of it's time in the limelight is coming true.