dimanche 5 juillet 2009

Thinking the Unthinkable

When economies go 'wrong' (in a functional not a moral sense...) the scum at the top demand instant solutions along the lines that everything must be considered and there should be no sacred cows. It's lies and propaganda of course. Here's some insect from some bean counting collective in a report from the increasingly rancid Observer "In a blistering attack, Steve Bundred, chief executive of the Audit Commission, says he has not heard any politician admit that "severe pay restraint" is one of a number of measures necessary to rebalance public finances, which could also include job cuts. "Nothing should be off limits," he warns."

One theing that won't be thought, one sacred cow that won't get sacrificed or be off limits is a serious tax raise for those who have done very nicely out of the last 30 years of neoliberalism. The rise to 50% for top earners was just a sop. The government should - alas by now we should say 'should have' - phased in a progressive tax regime years ago. Now we're going to have to pay for the bank bail-outs and bonuses to keep those snouts in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

In response, the resistance should reinterpret this Bundred wanker's words, nothing should be off limits when it comes to the fightback. If anyone can fucking well rouse themselves......