mardi 4 août 2009

BNP give them a name

Should we call BNP members 'scum' 'boneheads' and '[fill in your own insult here]'? On the whole we at REL think that "Yes you should." and not only that. You should also dream up further insulting descriptions lest one forget that you are dealing with (in however an abstract and remote way) the absolute pits of the political universe.
Over at the Tomb, Lenin highlights a piece in the increasingly wobbly Guardian that ends with a quote from a BNP goat fucker, at the end of the article, that gives the impression that the left is somehow responsible for the increase in right wing violence against anti-fascists. One must be clear, the only way to deal with nazism is by total brute force. Alas, working class people turn fascist as well since our political culture is so corrupt. You can reach out and try to turn them away, but face it, they are part of a violent extremist tradition with its roots on the glass strewn streets of 1920's and 30's Germany. If they raise their shrunken heads, then they must be treated as legitmate targets. They have to be crushed with bats, sticks and whatever comes to hand - it's pointless to try to be an anti-fascist and a pacifist.
Thankfully, the BNP are merely a tic crawling over the surface of things and there are far more important things to worry about. Buggering No-mark Party. They'll perish.