jeudi 4 juin 2009


"It's political correctness gone mad." I wonder if youy've ever heard that phrase? Usually it's to do with social services reportedly making sure their info doesn't say 'he' or 'white' all the time and some Daily Mailer wailer whinges that those plucky soldiers on D-Day didn't die so all this PC nonsense could destroy the very fabric etc. etc. but really, 'politically correct' should apply to the 'normal' way the system operates, politically, economically, and socially. In fact 'Economically Correct' could be a reverse physcology ironic way of describing how inequality get justified...but this story about an entrepeneur who killed his wife on a scuba dive riled the feminist contingent here at REL. You'll have read the story. So the bloke finally confesses. Now in a PC world (a Daily Mail version of PC) - the guy would be debollocked and flung in jail with hardened lesbian criminals for twenty years. In the real PC world, he gets off with five years and four suspended and will be out before the British general election comes round.

Result: PC 2 Justice 0