mercredi 10 juin 2009

Grim but not as bad

. . as feared. The BNP election 'success' is fading away rapidly. Their victory depended on a low turn out and a government rapidly disintegrating, but even here their actual vote declined in number. This was not a British, let alone a working class, 'turn to the right' but a unique set of circumstances that allowed the fascists in. That still means the BNP must be confronted, ideologically, politically and physically. The SWP open letter is a good starting point and this conclusion is well worked out too. We should not sit back in despiar and wail on about the 'racist chavs' whilst at the same time whinge on about free speech for the BNP (see comments section on LT) and turn rancid. That's the way fascism wins.
This is a calamity, though, but in terms of the next two years or so, is going to be just one challenge we must take on and defeat. Because even if the Labour party weren't finished, even if they win next year, there are going to be enormous confrontations that we cannot afford to lose at all.
In that vein - hurrah for the tube workers. That struggle is far more significant than some lousy fat fuck winning the right to sit in some neoliberal shitpalace on the strength of some Daily Mail cunts voting for him.
Buck up.