dimanche 7 juin 2009

Black edged day

This poor bugger died on a beach in France fighting it.

These doomed soldiers died along with 25 million of their comrades fighting it.

And these and millions of other 'undesirables'...

So how comes cunts like this get elected to office?The psephology of the BNP vote will be interesting. No data as yet, of course, but our gut reaction here is that it was the low turn out that allowed the fascists in with a strong middle class Daily Mail vote. And the collapse of the Labour Party. That is, it is important we find out how many working class voters switched to the BNP. It is one almighty "fuck off", not only to the ghostly remnants of the Labour government, but to the whole political system. How has this happened? It is an absolute disaster for every type of politics to the left of Gordon Brown and has humiliated the entire country. More importantly, it is a green light for sections of the Tory party to get more right wing and prepare deeper attacks on the working class upon assuming power next May.

The time has come, now, to physically harass the BNP from the streets. Their moment of glory will not last and long term, will have no significance. They are riven by internal divisions and are political inept and, face it, intellectually challenged. Their success will disintegrate in the next few years into resignation, scandal and politicial impotence. But in the short to medium term this is a very sorry fucking outcome. We on the left, in a way, deserve this - we have never even come close to getting our act together. True, though, we are up against a totalitarian system with all the means of education, persuasion and repression at its disposal. But even so, nazis getting elected.....This wailing siren of an alarm call must galvanise people into not just anti-fascist action but revolutionary socialist action. First they came for the muslims - first they came. They are here..........do something