jeudi 5 mars 2009

Socialism now

Even in these circumstances, one could remain a pro-capitalist. The banks will loan again after this, er, blip and everything will return to normal eventually. One can be a Keynes pseudo-leftist like the French PCF still whining for a wage increase. You could but you'd be a dreamer. Or one could follow the example of the workers in Dundee who have occupied their factory. Objectively, it is an infinitesimal action - a pixel on the huge plasma screen of flickering capitalist reality. But it is a good example. The response to this economic shambles must be something along these lines - some disobedience, some sabotage and disruption. The system must be kicked now it's on its way down.
The panic reveals the real role of all the political institutions we have been suffocated by for the last 30 years. It was never about 'soft landings' or 'efficiency' and all the other ideological smoke. It was extortion pure and simple. The system, and there is a system (some deny it eg.- The Daily Reckoning, a right wing economic website that to its credit saw all this coming but remains pro-cap nonetheless) has to be destroyed. Non violently if possible but destroyed nevertheless. To float like a spectator through this collapse and not advance our cause would be a crime.
As a start, suppoer these Dundee occupiers. And take that sneer off your face or dispel that indoctrinated fatalism. You can do something.