vendredi 27 février 2009

Royal Bank of Scotland - are you angry now?

.......If not, then you're dead from the neck up. The Fred Goodwin pension scandal is another provocation for people to demonstrate, riot and wreck things on the high street. It's our money these snouts are troughing up - money that could be put to practical social use once the parasites have been shot or beaten to death. The choicest thing is that this particular leech is adamant that he's going to keep his ill-gotten stream of gold. Not only should he lose he pension, this tossr should lose his teeth, his eyes his everything. His lot of hogs have taken the piss for too long and now, especially now, molotov cocktails should be the order of the day. They have got to go - the whole rancid lot of them - bankers, politicians, industrialists, lawyers, judges, civil servants - they all deserve the scaffold for the looting, the theft and the wars. Why on earth obey any of their laws now they blatantly crime in open view. They have no defence and deserve all they are going to get.