mercredi 11 février 2009

A forgotten revolution

The MSM is desperate to fill the airwaves with 'good' news. Thus the bailout ad nauseum, the Israeli election (hurrah! The least right-wing party won! But, hang on lost too!! Tut eh? Democracy it's the least bad system we've got eh?) and the weather (at least the government isn't getting the blame for that - - hmmm, or should it?) etc.
Two, at least two, social revolts are being systematically excluded from government propaganda outlets - the revolt in Madagascar and the hugely popular and enduring general strikes in Guadeloups and Martinique. These rebellions against the capitalist oder of things are getting deeper and deeper and more and more entrenched by the day. There was a similar wave of revolt back in 1967 over pretty much the same type of problems in Guadeloup. A year later was 1968 and all that.
The point being, the revolt is everywhere and though superficially separate, its filaments are connecting everywhere throughout the world. Be part of it.