vendredi 27 février 2009

Lose a billion and get bailed out - cash in two euros - you're fired

The story of Barbara Emmely is getting well known. She found some return bottle slips in the store she worked for and cashed them in (technically is that theft? Sounds a bit far fetched doesn't it really). The amount? One Euro thirty. About a pound, well at last year's prices....Then a co-worker denounced her and the store, without an ounce of proof fired her. She won't be getting her job back because the law has come down on the employer's side. The bankers can lose billions and then help themselves to taxpayers' money but when the 'little people' get economicially incorrect, there's hell to pay. The employer's defence, though, is priceless "We were good employers for Ms. E for 31 years," head of Kaiser's Tobias Tuchlenski told Bild Zeitung on Wednesday. "I can't understand why she stole from us. We have 5,000 employees in Berlin. Imagine what would happen if all of them stole €1.30 every day?"