mardi 27 mai 2008

What's all this then?

There's a good post over at the consistently brilliant Tomb about the effect of immigration on wage levels. Read it, the facts are nowhere near the accepted/expected thing you might think. But my reason for this message is that in the comment box, we read:
"Mst f th stds ndct tht th mpct n wgs s nglgbl, nd n fct th Lrds hd t rlctntl cncd ths. Bt sn't tht lk clmng vrll scrppng th p rt ws nglgbl n mst ppl's wgs? t's th prst tht r mst ffctd b mmgrtn. Tht shld nt b blttld. nd whl th clm thr s 'lttl bnft' t mgrtn, th vdnc sggsts tht ths s nt s. Th grwth th hv ddd t th cnm s nmstkbl. Th stt tht thr s "lttl r n bnft" t th vrg Brtsh prsn. Th d nt dn tht t dds t th prfts f bg bsnss. t's jst chp sht t th gvrnmnt frm Tr-ld gggl f nlctd prs. t's gd fr hdlns, bt lttl ls. t's n ll prt cmmtt tht dd mch nvstgtn nd hd t rch cnsnss cnclsns. T clm t's jst chp ttck n th gvrnmnt s wd f th mrk. 'm ncrsngl f th vw tht w nd mr rlstc pprch t ths ss. Stv Brwn Homepage 27 May, 00:49 " [my emphasis]

The homepage is some duff link to some selling site and whoever Stv Brwn is - it isn't me, I'm in bed way before that time, the way things are here atm. It just got me wondering who on earth would bother doing something so pointless? At least this REL blog is a political diary of sorts (see below) - but what possible motive could somebody have of writing that load of bllcks and pretending to be me - for I know my name is pretty common but - there is a limit to coincidences? Perhaps I've pssd somebody off somewhere. If so gd.