jeudi 29 mai 2008

Republic Now - acts of resistance # 3

There are many appalling things about the Iraqi invasion and there common knowledge now, of course, the game's up, it's all over and it's as plain as sunlight - but one thing still rankles and that is when you hear somene (ok - not so much now) say that "Yes it's bad - but Saddam had to go!". Their point is that these poor swarthy foreigner types just can't handle their own lives and look with starry eyes to the West and beg troops to come to liberate them.

It's bollocks of course. One piece of evidence against this whole garbage way of thinking is the abolition of the monarchy in Nepal Tuesday. Ok, ok purists can bemoan the maoist 'oppostion' for cuddling up to western business (see and this caution is needed, but for the moment, this news enlightens an otherwise desultry Lille day in a (temporarily) politically moribund France. Good on these people - why can't the same thing be done in Britain? Kings and Queens are there precisely to be abolished, banished and executed.

' "This marks the occasion when we are getting rid of autocratic period and the beginning of democratic republic in the country," Bishwa Kant Mainali, NBA president, told the gathering of the lawyers.
"This occasion is the beginning of prosperity and progress in the country," he said while congratulating the Nepali people. '
Good start - now get rid of all the lawyers.