mardi 20 mai 2008

Free market death

Free market fundamentalism is entering its death throes. It is rotting all over the world. Riots in South Africa, and 37 other countries, inflation and rationing breaking out in other parts of the planet, foreclosure and debt and politicians powerless to do anything other than stir up racial hatred and violence (that Berlusconi bastard for example).
But a story summing the utter pointlessness of modern capitalism is that of Folole Muliaga, 44, who has died in New Zealand in May last year two hours after power was cut from her home. Thing is she was on an oxygen machine and the private company desperately needed the thirteen pounds it was owed that it robotically severed her supply. Thus killing her.
To me, this is at least manslaughter. However, be relieved, "The energy company said it would look at how it dealt with customers with medical dependencies and those in financial difficulty.
A police investigation last year found no grounds for filing criminal charges against the company.
The coroner's inquest will not assign blame, but can make recommendations to prevent future incidents."
So that's o fucking k then. This is the nature of the beast - capitalism is a system that actively destroys human beings. Here is just a flek of evidence. When is anyone ever going to fucking fight back?